Flat Pulley

The pulley is a simple machine used to lift heavy objects and save effort.


Flat Pulley


Flat Belt Drive Pulley

“The pulley is a simple machine used to lift heavy objects and save effort. ”

In mechanics, a typical pulley is a round wheel that can rotate around a central axis. There are grooves on the circumferential surface of the round wheel, the rope is wound around the groove, and either end of the rope is pulled hard, the friction between the rope and the round wheel will cause the round wheel to rotate around the central axis. The pulley is actually a deformable and rotatable lever.

The main function of the pulley is to pull the load, change the direction of force, transmit power and so on. A machine composed of multiple pulleys is called a “pulley block” or “complex pulley”. The pulley block has greater mechanical benefits and can pull heavier loads. The pulley can also be a component of a chain drive or a belt drive, which transmits power from one rotating shaft to another.


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Basic information of pulley

According to the position of the central axis of the pulley, the pulleys can be divided into “fixed pulley” and “moving pulley”; the central axis of the fixed pulley is fixed, and the central axis of the movable pulley can be moved. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The fixed pulley and the movable pulley can be assembled together to form a pulley block, which not only saves effort, but can also change the direction of the force.

The painting about the pulley first appeared in an Assyrian relief in the eighth century BC. This relief shows a very simple pulley, which can only change the direction of force application. The main purpose is to facilitate the application of force and does not give any mechanical benefits. In China, the drawing of pulley devices first appeared in the portrait tiles and pottery well molds of the Han Dynasty. There are also records about pulleys in the “Mojing”.

Classification: fixed pulley, movable pulley, pulley block (or divided into single pulley, double pulley, three pulley, four pulley and even multiple pulleys).
Material: wooden pulley, steel pulley and engineering plastic pulley. Various materials are available according to actual requirements.
Function: pull the load, change the direction of force, transmit power, etc.
Connection method: hook type, chain link type, wheel type, ring type and chain type, diagonal pull type, etc.


Flat Belt Pulley For Taper Bushes


flat belt chain pulley


Flat Pulley

Pulley Block

The pulley is a small wheel with grooves on the periphery and capable of rotating around an axis. A simple machine that can rotate around the central axis is composed of a grooved disc and a flexible cable (rope, tape, steel cable, chain, etc.) that spans the disc, which is called a pulley.

Pulley block: a pulley device composed of fixed pulleys and movable pulleys. It saves effort and can change the direction of force. But work cannot be saved, because the pulley block saves effort, but it takes a long time. In order to save and change the direction of power, the fixed pulley and the movable pulley can be combined into a pulley block.

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